hazel meets cora, and other hospital things

mimi brought hazel over to the hospital the day cora was born, right after her nap.  john was holding cora when they walked in, and i had hazel come sit on the bed with me and play for a minute.  she could tell something was up, and kept looking around skeptically.  we brought cora over to the bed to introduce them, and hazel just stared and stared at her.  we talked about how the baby was once in my tummy, but now she was out and we got to take her home!  still, silence.  i think she was pretty overwhelmed.  when we asked hazel if she wanted to hold her baby sister, she seriously protested.  and then we attempted a family photo:

you can see how hazel felt about this.

i am happy to report that since their first encounter, hazel has seriously warmed up to cora.  she gets spontaneous kisses and acknowledgement throughout the day, but hazel has still refused to hold her.  but, there has been no hitting or being mean to the baby.  i would call that a serious win!

some more pictures from the hospital:

mimi holding cora for the first time!

cora after her first bath:

look at that hair!

furry arms & cheeeeks:

um, i take lots of pictures.

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