happy birthday to our hazel girl!

as you can see, hazel loves her new birthday present.

i can't believe our hazelnut is two!  what an amazing two years it has been.  i have loved every challenging, tiring, hilarious, beautiful moment of it.  hazel is currently obsessed with big hero 6.  we have moved on from tangled and frozen and are into baymax these days.  it is relieving and refreshing to have a new obsession, but i am nearly ready to move onto another one because i can quote the whole movie now.  hazel didn't really understand how to "blow" out her candles, and made a really funny face when she finally accomplished the task.  but she loved the cinnamon chocolate cake!  mimi and grandpa are in town now, and it's amazing to have them here!  now we can all relax and let the baby come.  can't wait to see how our B is as a big sister!

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