the dallas children's aquarium.

yesterday we went to meet john for lunch at one of the places on "the list" - meaning, a place we have to eat at one last time before we move on thursday.  eeek!

so since we were close to the children's aquarium, i decided on a whim to take the girls to it after lunch.  i am so glad i made the effort.  hazel is obsessed with animals and particularly loves things in water.  plus, she is repeating everything i say these days so i can teach her the names of things!  hurray!  we came home and watched finding nemo to solidify my teachings ;)

so i made a quick video of our little adventure.  it's not professional or even well-done, but it took me 20 minutes to make and i'll get to have our day recorded in a special way.  plus, hazel will watch it on repeat for an hour on my phone so i can get things done around the house ;)

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