we had a blast being in utah the past week and a half. it was a good friend's wedding that drove us out there- but we were also doubly motivated to go so out families could meet cora and be there for her blessing. we tried (as always) to make the most of our time. we spent lots of quality time with many of the brunts and the neffs, i got to picnic with some good friends, hazel got to play nonstop with a very patient uncle jack, and we ate out at (almost) every restaurant we love dearly in utah. it's always too short of a time with family- and hazel has been asking for honey and papa ever since we left! so grateful for wonderful family that love our girls! we all had such an amazing time. 
1. crown that came with our chicken nuggets. we LOVE hats!
2. cinderella park
3. hazel hangin with her cousins after bombay house! (we don't hold hands apparently)
4. happy mae mae
1&2: ryan's b-day party, where i re-discovered chilli burritos
3. cora honing in on her smiling skills
4. sam's b-day party

action shot: 
(this girl would play outside all day every day if she could.)
and finally, wedding pics!

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