words i love hearing hazel say.

well, we have a 28-month-old on our hands!  it took me a minute to figure it out but hazel is 28 months old.  we were so worried about her language development early on, because she wasn't much of a babbler, and we even took her to an audiologist to have her hearing tested a little over a year ago.  she tested normal, which relieved our worries somewhat, even though many girls her age started talking between 18-24 months. but over the past couple months her language has really taken off!  here are a few of my favorite things that she says these days, and a video to go with it!

umbrema (umbrella)
aunt eedie (aunt eden)
swimmeyn (swimming)
chocolate nulk (chocolate milk)
i nuv you (i love you)
hazel, baby cora, momma, dadda
honey n' papa (honey and papa)
nini (mimi)
greee-papa (grandpa)
fishee cackaa (fishy cracker)
nursheeee (nursery)

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