what a blast we had in utah and idaho this summer.

no matter how long we stay with family for the summer, it never seems to be quite enough.  we had such a wonderful time in utah and idaho.  if i could have one super power, it would be teleportation so that i could beam my girls and i to hang out with family during the day, and then beam us back to have dinner and hang with john at night.  wouldn't that be nice?  i guess if i saw them that frequently, however, our time with them wouldn't be nearly as precious and treasured as it is now. {sigh}

both grandmas (and i...) got a little teary when we left.  can you blame them?  it hurts my heart a little - living this far away.  people! we live twenty minutes from NYC and just 1 hour from the beach!  come visit us!

for some reason, i {almost} didn't feel compelled at all to blog over our vacay.  but, since returning home i've made a super wonderful video of all the fun things we did in idaho, such as boating/jetskiing/playing/eating/floating, going to west yellowstone, spending quality time with mimi and grandpa and our cousins, swimming, and so many other wonderful fun things.  enjoy!

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ldbrunt said...

Loved your video Paige! Miss you all so much!!!!!!