a video!

we generally hang out and play with toys/watch frozen for an hour or so in the mornings because i am not a morning person and it is one way i cope with the disappointment of not being able to go back to my bed indefinitely. a mom in church talked about how she thinks back on her child bearing/rearing/feeding/raising years (the stage i am very much in the thick of), and remembers always being so exhausted, that she doesn't even think she was a very "nice" or "good" mom.  
well, we all have that worry, don't we?

i mean frankly, there might be something wrong with you if you feel adequate as a mother.
but fortunately, this woman did say that now she has graduated from that stage of life, when they watch home videos, she can look at a much younger self and see that she actually was a good mother, despite the pure physical and emotional exhaustion.  

and i love being a mother.  it has terrible hours, you have to work holidays and weekends, your bosses are demanding and whiny and pee, poop, and vomit all over you, but the pay sure is great.  and that makes it all worth it.  

i love my girls and this simple life we are living.  i hope that i will always treasure these home videos we make and (maybe) someday they will help me feel like i'm not as terrible of a mother as i sometimes think ;)  and even if they don't do that, they will be fun to look back on and remember how fun and happy our girls were at this stage.  

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