DC part deux

after we toured the capitol and library of congress, we went to three different smithsonian museums.  the aerospace museum, the museum of natural history, and the museum of american history.  

by far one of the coolest things at the natural history museum was the skeleton exhibit.  skeletons from hundreds of animals - it was so cool! perhaps the most interesting was the sea lion - turned out hips.

hazel and john almost got eaten by a t-rex but made a narrow escape.

we also saw the hope diamond there!  apparently, it used to be much bigger and then people cut it into different shapes and settings because they are nuts.

the museum of american history was simply neat.  you can see a lego flag (pictured above), but my favorite flag was the star-spangled banner.  so stunningly beautiful and although i couldn't take a picture of it, it was probably one my of favorite things we did the entire weekend.  i had no idea it would be even 1/5 of the size it actually was.

we then kept walking down the national mall to pass the white house, washington memorial, WW2 memorial, and lincoln memorial.

just the most daunting, reverent part of the WW2 memorial:
 washington memorial at sunset:

lincoln memorial:  i am so glad that they have these wonderful memorials to commemorate brave men (and women - lets be fair), that have been a force for good in our country.  seeing them reminds us the price of freedom and makes me so grateful for those who believe in freedom so much that they are willing to fight for it.

after watching the sun set, we went to "we, the pizza" and ate the best white pizza of my life.  
more to come of our trip to DC!  
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