some things about life lately.

life has been a whirlwind over here lately.  hazel has started speech and developmental therapy, and while it has been extremely helpful for her already, and helped me to be more patient and know how to communicate with her better, i am still experiencing mom guilt in the extreme because i don't want to do anything but play non-stop with my girls, and i'm worried that if i don't they will miss developmental milestones.  i keep having to remind myself that hazel is just fine, and making leaps and bounds, and this is just a way to keep us on track and help her to be less frustrated day-to-day.  i just have to do as much as i can and God will take care of the rest.

there never really is a great photo of the four of us these days.  i am hoping one of these days to go to a park and take some real family photos.  i have a tripod, and i could totally do it, but life is flying by and i hope we can find the time before the weather turns frigid!

cora is getting pretty close to crawling.  since hazel completely skipped this, i am excited to see how this even unfolds.  and also a little nervous.  i'm not ready for her to be mobile yet and have to have clean floors!

a sneak peak of hazel's halloween costume, and look at cora in that hat my mom made.  

also, john and i went on a real date - we decided to make it a bi-monthly tradition since the "dating" part of our lives has seriously faded out without us realizing it, and it's something we desperately need in our relationship.  so even though i am still nursing and cora really doesn't take a bottle, we go out late at night to see a movie or eat a late dinner twice a month.  i'm not going to lie, i've been loving having some one-on-one time with john; away from the house and the girls - and knowing that the girls are sound asleep really helps me to relax and enjoy it ;)

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