i'm trying to be brave

i'm trying to be brave, but each day {with all of it's challenges and frustrations and moments when i secretly am crying inside trying to hold it together,} i send the girls to bed and then wonder where the time is going.  

we are as we speak flying to utah for some much-needed family time and to see my sister who is flying in from ecuador in a few days and still hasn't met cora.  flying with these two is no joke.  and i may put on a brave face, but the thought of my girls growing up is much scarier than any flight will probably ever be.  my new goal is to live each day in the moment.  it's easier said than done, but i'm confident the reward will be worth it.

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Brianana said...

You are brave. And I love the way you decorate your house! I can't wait to bust out my own decorating skills in a few months when we move to Washington! I had a rough day today and need to be better about living in the moment. Something I definitely need to work on. being a mom is so hard. Seeing babies grow up is the hardest part.