this life

a few little snapshots into this life of ours lately, including my baby that is now looking a little less like a baby each day and it's BREAKING MY HEART>>>

1. a pic of cora admiring herself in the camera
2. the girls at costco because that's how we roll
3. that 52-degree day in february
4. john's new x-wing that was built immediately when we returned home from x-mas vacation
5.  building marshmallow snowmen at play-group

1. john put letters on hazel's tummy just for fun and then she genuinely thanked him.  "thank you dad!" it was the cutest.
2. 5-guys on a friday
3. ringlets
6. hazel with her new toy for filling up her potty sticker chart {we were a little out of practice after the break, and needed a little motivation to get back on track}

1.  le pouty face
2.  john fell asleep on a sunday afternoon and i applauded him for at least trying to stay involved
3.  hazel wearing john's china hat
6.  kitty cat superhero feeding and snuggling all the babies in need of it

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Brianana said...

These pictures exude joy. You do have a happy lovely home. Miss y'all so.