happy easter, loves!

holidays are finally becoming really fun with hazel.  she finally gets what it happening, and that makes hiding easter eggs like the easter bunny that much more fun!  easter this year was extra special too, because cousin claire has been here hanging out with us! {and her mom and dad of course}.  

we decorated eggs together, and hazel has since asked to do it again about 20 times.  {she has this egg obsession, and i don't really know where it came from} 

what did we do with all these hard-boiled eggs, you ask?  GOLDENROD of course.

and then we did an easter egg hunt, and even cora got in on the action.

but the true meaning of easter was on my mind the next day {easter sunday}, as i contemplated how grateful i am that Jesus Christ is our Savior, and because of His sacrifice, we can be forgiven, work towards becoming like Him, and that we can live with our families forever.  Happy Easter, friends!

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