the zoo!

we have been desperate to get outside lately.  even on those freezing cold days last week, if i brought cora outside for even just a second, she would throw a HUGE fit when i brought her back in.  frankly, no matter how long we spend outside playing, getting dirty, and scraping our knees, it never seems to be quite enough for these two!  well, finally the weather is in that sweet-spot of 50-70 degrees and we are doing our best to take full advantage!

on friday, we went to the zoo, and it was PACKED.  
these cute girls photobombed our train picture...

hazel usually requests that we go see the fishies first thing.  

we sang the byu fight song with the cougars and cora tried (unsuccessfully thanks to my efforts) to feed her fingers to an angry rooster.

"mom, take picture climb elephant!"

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