here are some things that our girls are loving right now.

singing: "i'm so glad when daddy gets home", and then doing all the actions to him.  so cute.
eating kleenex
pressing buttons
blowing kisses
running up to me, planting a juicy kiss on my lips and then turning around to sit in my lap
throwing her head down on the ground in a fit of rage when she doesn't get her way
the book: "moo baa la la la"
when we clap and say "yay!"
reading books
playing outside on a warm day

singing: twinkle twinkle, abc's, mary had a little lamb, days of the week song, itsy bitsy spider, disney princess songs, etc.
jumping on the couch (although i'm not too thrilled about this)
reading at least "five books" every night. (the negotiating has begun)
telling what she ate for a snack at school that day.
going to the park or playground or play gym
talking about money and how we buy things
counting - my favorite is everything past thirty - "twenty-ten, twenty-eleven, twenty-twelve...."
talking about what words start with which letter

love these two girls {and their daddy!} and the laughter and fun they provide each day.  i am so blessed.

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