party in NYC

the hursts came to visit!  and having them here was just about the greatest thing.  we gave them space to play in NYC without us most of friday, but then pounced on them for dinner and times square in the evening.  we went to amy ruth's in harlem for ryan's birthday, and it definitely did not disappoint.  it was our first time going stroller-less, and we were also so proud of hazel for walking during our two days in the city.  saturday we spent the whole day in the city and she walked miles without complaint!  {but crashed HARD at dinner, poor thing.}
 it was quite cold and rainy this weekend, so we opted for winter coats.  and hazel wore pinkalicious and, as you can see, was THRILLED about it.  she also did some drumming with some drummer on the street.  and i quickly sanitized her hands afterwards ;)

smelling the "lips" as hazel calls them. \/\/\/
on saturday we went to the WTC memorial, chinatown for the best soup dumplings and mango boba ice drink, macey's wooden escalator, and then we took this selfie while waiting for our levain cookies.  yum!

then we went to artichoke pizza and walked the high line and went home.  but not before getting a salted pimp at big gay ice cream.  

and here's a couple short videos (from my snapchat: pbrunt) if you're interested.  the subway dancing was the coolest!  

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