awful waffle.

have you ever heard of speculoos?  it's delicious.

there's this place in provo called awful waffle, and they have it - along with waffles and crepes to smother it in.  we went there with friends on saturday night.  we then watched the last season game for byu.  lucky for us there's still the armed forces bowl to look forward to.

and i have now been spending every spare moment searching online for a squeezable form of speculoos to buy myself for christmas, thank you very much.


riotersbloc said...

Haha when I saw the title I thought you had eaten an awful waffle - and I looked at it and thought that looks pretty good to me! :P

Libby said...

I LOVE awful waffle. Last time Paul and I went there he got the speculoos. We about died it was so good.