how to do in-n-out, the right way.

it was 2008 and my first year on choir tour as we drove through barstow, california on the way to disneyland.  i was starving, and saw the lighted in-n-out sign with excitement and trepidation.  i was about to try my first bite ever of a juicy in-n-out burger.  ever since i was little, a certain neighbor in our ward, did nothing but rave about in-n-out.  he even wore t-shirts!  people coming back from vacationing in california always told me that in-n-out had the best burger in existence.  and i have to admit, i had believed them - right up until i took that first bite.

i was sorely disappointed.

so you can imagine my dismay when i met john, who just raved about in-n-out during those first few months of dating.  i thought that maybe californians were all brainwashed, and that's why they loved in-n-out so much.  honestly, i just didn't get it.  not only was the burger boring, but the fries were just terrible.  i had nightmares about those fries.

but then, he convinced me to try it again.  this time, the right way.  even though i had become a 5guys girl through and through, i let him drive me to the new in-n-out that had just been built in lovely provo, ut.

i fell in love with that juicy double-double with tomatoes, lettuce, and grilled onions only.

but still, the fries.  alas!  the fries!  i couldn't stand them!  since that day, john and i have been known to sit through the drive through of in-n-out to get burgers, and then drive across the street and sit through the drive through of wendy's to get fries {i am something of a fry connoisseur, and let me tell you, they have the best fries.}  and i've lived this way, for many a month, wanting to have that in-n-out burger in conjuction with a decent bunch of fries.  

and then it happened.  last saturday, the discovery of a lifetime.

that sauce that is so horrendous on a burger - is actually mighty delicious as a dipping sauce for your fries.  seriously!  that sauce made the fries almost as delicious as wendy's, and that is a beautiful thing, i tell you.  so, after months of trial and error.... i finally discovered how to do in-n-out right.

get a double-double, with tomatoes, lettuce, and grilled onions only.

don't skip the fries, they're delicious with the spread.

finally, take your handsome best friend along for the ride.

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