hey there!

- the beebes only woke up once last night {!} that hasn't happened for months.
- she is getting really restless and wants to crawl so bad.  this is causing her great distress because, as long as she has been alive, she has hated tummy-time.  it is her number one enemy.  so now, she can't decide how to move where she wants to go.  she just kind of lays sideways with one knee under herself and gets stuck and frustrated.  
- i never want to forget that one time today a lab was snooping around our shed and i couldn't figure out why, until a yorkie bolted out of a small whole in the side of it.
- i also never want to forget that one time hazel had a blow-out on the avocados in our cart at costco.  {actually, maybe i do want to forget about that... but can't?}
- pumpkin pie + cookies and cream in shake form at the creamery.  life changed.
- aaaand, for the record, my baby does not like throwing leaves into the air, as i thought she would.  she was quite concerned.  

hey, happy friday!

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Briana Aileen said...

haha I bet she will love throwing leaves next year!