tender mercies.

i almost died yesterday. okay, not really. but i felt like i was going to several times. and today i am grateful for the many people who helped me and for the many tender mercies that came my way.

(i am watching my four cousins for nine days. going from one child to five all at once has been craaaazy.)

i am grateful that first off, hazel slept really really well that night. so while i was to and from the bathroom(which is right next to her bed, right now in the master closet) she didn't make a peep almost the entire night. (not that i got much sleep anyways, but i can't imagine doing that and trying to feed/soothe her several times)

and in the morning i sat myself down in front of the tv with a bowl to "take care of" the kids and called my mom just to ask her if she would be able to swing by some diapers later on, since i was incapable of going to the store.

my mom was at the door within 30 minutes. i cried when she got here i was so grateful! she took care of the mathews and my own daughter. got them ready for the day, breakfasted, etc. my mom had to leave, but then grandma showed up a while later, and later on kristen. the day is pretty much a blur of people bringing hazel to me to be fed and then taking her away again, or hazel sitting next to me happily on the bed (bless her heart!) as I lay there, i'm sure on the brink of death. and there was also that one time when no adult was here and lanie wanted chocolate milk... and when i tried to get it for her i ended up hurling in the sink while lanie kept asking me, "why are you doing that?" haha. isn't the stomach flu so glamorous? 

and finally, i am grateful to john, who, even though he had school in the morning, and even though he had lots to do, came up and not only put the kids to bed, but also helped two sad (overtired) girls get back to sleep at night. and he went and grabbed hazel for me when she needed to be fed.

i am so grateful for the tender mercies of The Lord, for my family and their selflessness and kindness, and for the chance of have had to spend with my cute cousins to learn from them and learn more about myself (ex: that i lack patience). ;)

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