diy instagram magnets.

please notice: fetus hazel, bottom right.

have you ever heard of sticky gram?  well, i kept seeing advertisements for it and although they were cute, i was really frustrated to discover that it's $15 for just 9 magnets!  so i decided to make my own.  it's actually really easy if you are somewhat photo-editor savvy.

1.  your photos:  i sized 6 instagram photos to 2x2in apiece and put them in a 4x6 photo.  (note: make sure your photos are at least 200ppi, preferably 400 or else you will get a pixelated photo.) then i sent the 4x6 prints to costco.
2. sticky magnetic sheets:  can be found at most craft stores.  i got mine at hobby lobby - $2.99  for four 4x6in sheets.
3. modge podge dimensional magic
4. scissors

1. gather supplies
2. pull sticky backing off magnetic sheet
3. center photo on magnet and press down firmly
4. cut out each individual magnet
5. cover with modge podge dimensional magic
6. let dry 3 hours

this was seriously one of my favorite projects ever!  the magnets turned out so cute.  i hope you enjoy it too.  happy crafting!

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