some things!

oh heyyy there blog.  it's been awhile.  are we still friends?

it's the holiday season, and that means i have been so busy that i don't even know what to do with myself.  {i haven't even gotten much for hazel yet!  mostly because i am waiting to find the perfect few gifts to give her....} and i'm making hazel a quiet book which has to be done by the 19th so i can let her open it on christmas day, and i need a sewing machine to complete it and i have probably spent over 30 hours on this dang quiet book so far.  but anyways, it is 2am and i'm working a full shift and i figure hey - i should document what's been going on in our lives lately.

-  we have gotten gobs {is gobs a word?} of snow over the past few days, and as i was shoveling our driveway one morning before hazel and i ran out to get some christmas shopping done {in high-heeled boots no less} one student walking home literally begged me to let him shovel my walk.  i didn't succumb to his wishes and i'm not sure why.  pride?  determination?  feminism?  {winky-face}

-  hazel has started walking with her walker and standing up for a minute at a time on her own.  rude.  also, she weighs 20lbs 8oz and is 29in long!  aaaaaand her legs really hurt, especially the left from the pneumococcal vaccine.  it's the worst!

-  john saying to me last night:  "when i close my eyes, i see call of duty.  it's awesome."

-  i loved witnessing the other day:  a man trying to push his car through an intersection when it went dead, and seeing three young student jump out of their separate cars to help him.  there is good in the world, i tell you.

and what would a meaningless blog post be without a pic of hazel therese?

"here hazel, you play right here with these christmas lights so i can get something done."

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Ali Wood said...

I have a sewing machine you can borrow if you'd like :)