happy full-term!

well, i am officially full-term today.  when i woke up this morning and realized i was 37 weeks, a feeling of impending doom hit me.  this is really happening!  was all i could think.  and also, i'm not even close to ready.  besides having a sick, stubborn, naughty toddler the past week, which has made me both terrified to bring a newborn into the house and also put me behind in all my cleaning/baby prep, i also realized that my hospital bag isn't packed, the infant carseat isn't in the car, i don't have any hand sanitizer at the ready in our house.... and so forth.  

i looked around the house this morning and thought, if i went into labor right now, i wouldn't even be close to ready.  now of course, if this baby is on the same timeline as hazel was, then i still have two weeks to get ready.  but, just like the boy scouts, i like to be prepared.

so after i got home from my ob appointment, i cleaned the house pretty furiously.  i attempted to pack my hospital bag, and then we had a glorious toddler eating battle at dinner over german pancakes and sent a hungry toddler to bed, and i just cried and cried.

things are getting crazy over here.

and just when i had hit my limit for the evening, a good friend who is due on the same day texted me, "happy full term to you!" and i just had to smile.  

despite the craziness that has hijacked my brain the past couple of weeks (and will probably set up shop until i have this baby in my arms, lets be honest), i know that it will all be worth it.  looking at our announcement on this blog, simple as it was, of hazel's birth has reminded me of that.

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Diana said...

Hugs! When I went in to labor with Logan (2 weeks early), I had not packed my hospital bag, the infant car seat was not in the car, the house was a mess. And, everything was absolutely wonderful.

Chris loved caring for the new baby and life was actually easier.

I say put your feat up, read a good book with Hazel, and take a nap.