survival mode.

the last few days, i have really felt like i was in survival mode. hazel is sick and cranky and teething (and let's face it, almost 2!) and i have been STARVING pretty much all day long, and tired and sore. these last few weeks of pregnancy are going to be different than they were the first time around i can tell. mainly because i am chasing a toddler around!

but, there have been some things that have kept me going through all the craziness that is me when i am 35 weeks pregnant: 

chicken gyros
watching tangled on repeat with hazel
dry shampoo
red lipstick
sitting at the playground on a sunny day while hazel plays
having the perfect excuse to eat lots and lots of ice cream
feeling baby kicks that get stronger every day
talking with random moms of two around town that are excited for you, and also, clearly surviving
little projects to be completed around the house
sonic diet cokes with blue coconut and lime

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