this is hazel, at the galleria play area today. it was a lot emptier than usual. probably because people are afraid to drive outside in dallas if the ground is wet and it's cold outside. seriously, it's ridiculous.

i am 38 weeks pregnant today. i remember feeling exactly the way i do today, at 38 weeks with hazel. excited and anxious to have a new baby in your arms. and even though you know it's probably at most a week or two away, you fill each moment of every day with activities to do. and more things you can dream up of "getting done" so that you'll be completely "ready" when the baby comes, because if you don't... if you sit down to rest... then you start to think. and when you start to think, you start to wish you could go into labor right that second. you start to get hopeful. and you think a week is a very short time but for a woman who is 38 weeks pregnant, a week can feel like an eternity! 

i have done the false labor thing for a week now, and a week is more than enough. baby girl, i'm so impatient over here. so hurry up and get ready to be with us already! 

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