in which our plane was delayed 5 hours...

there are so many good, kind people in this world.  when they see a mother in distress, they will literally go to extraordinary lengths to help her.  that's what i found anyways, when we were flying out to utah.

it all started with a cranky toddler.  
our flight was scheduled to leave jfk at 7:15pm.  so i tried to keep hazel awake that whole day so she would just go right to sleep on our flight, but of course she fell asleep on the car ride over there.  but, since she got a decently long nap, i thought she would be okay in the airport.
boy, was i wrong.
i had to carry a screaming toddler into the check-in counter, where they put infant-in-arms on my ticket.  
nice person #1: the first tsa agent who let me go into the priority line.
#2:  the other tsa person that lifted up the line divider so we could squeeze through.
#3: the third tsa person who told me "not to worry about it" when i spilled hazel's milk and it didn't get tested.  

i begged hazel to walk but at this point i realize she is not only exhausted, she hasn't eaten anything in hours.  so i head over to wendy's for 10 chicken nuggets.  
nice person #4:  the cashier who told me (while hazel continued to scream much to my behest) that he was doing his best to hurry and take my order.  
#5:  the delta pilot that gave hazel some wings (the pin kind) while we waited for our food.  hazel still rudely crying by the way, despite my greatest efforts.
#6: the other cashier that gave us a free kids meal toy to distract hazel, even though we didn't buy a kids meal.
#7: the nice lady who offered to carry our food to our gate since i'm plum out of hands and the arm carrying hazel is about to fall off.
we made our way to the gate, and i spot one - that's right, one - empty seat.  so i sit hazel down, and then nice person 
#8 gets up from the seat right next to her so i can sit saying, "it looks like you need this seat more than me."
i thank the lady who carried our food, and the man who gave up his seat for me, and started feeding the toddler, who abruptly stops crying.  

they call for pre-boarding and i get a person shout-out from the delta man taking boarding passes to board.  he's #9.

i get on the plane, and person #10, who i never get to meet, has given us an extra seat.  bless their heart.

i sit down and text john, "i  was in my own personal hell for 30 minutes but now we're on the plane and ok."

the two flight attendants who were in the back of the plane with us are #11 and #12.  while the plane was delayed for maitenance, they gave us loads of snacks, and even held both girls for me while i was changing the others diaper, or using the restroom, etc.  

all in all, we were stuck on the plane for a full 10.5 hours.  luckily, both girls slept for about 4 or 5 hours of it.  and, all things considered, were really easy.   i was so grateful, over and over again that night, for nice people who offer a helping hand to those in need.  and grateful to my poor mom and sister, who picked us up at the airport at 5am.  if you're a mom and in distress in an airport, pinch your toddler and get them screaming.  it's sure to get you some help ;) 

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