we went camping last weekend with some friends from church, and to say the girls got a little dirty might be a bit of an understatement.

 when we got home saturday, we started in on laundry and cleaning and putting away, but honestly, only half of it was done by sunday night.  monday i got really motivated though, and john got home and commented me on how clean the house was!  (p.s. this doesn't happen often ;)

then tuesday happened.  and it was chaos.  at one point i was feeling pretty under control, but then i got an important phone call, and before i knew it cora had ripped the leaves off of several of my garden plants (I KNOW) and then as i was finishing up my call, she blew out all over me. so john got home to a pretty scary house.  but, he loves me, and i love him.  even though most of the time both of us are a little too busy to show it ;)

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