my family has always been a little obsessed with disney.  my grandma instilled a love for all things disney (especially the parks) in us from a very young age.  i can remember going at least once a year for several years growing up, which may not seem like a lot to some, but when you only take two vacations a year... making 50% of them to disneyland is no joke.  so you can imagine my excitement at moving here to LA and having the chance to get a year passport!  it took us awhile to commit (because i'm afraid of the freeway and traffic...) but i'm so glad that i got brave and took both the girls on friday.  they were in heaven!  (especially hazel!)  and the drive is only about 45 minutes.  not bad!

of course we cruised through fantasy land, small world, and a lot of the kid rides first thing.  cora napped while hazel and i shared a dole whip and met snow white, cinderella, and ariel.  hazel's face in that picture with ariel has to be the best thing ever. and then we enjoyed the jungle cruise, tikki room, and pirates.  cora was really brave on pirates, snow white, and mr. toad's wild ride.  all of which are a little scary for a one and a half year old!  

cora's favorite seemed to be dumbo.  although she's doesn't look happy in the picture we took on it because we had just gone on snow white and it is terrifying.  

hazels favorites:
small world and peter pan.  hands down!

every day since hazel has asked to go back to disneyland, see minnie again, and fly with the stars on peter pan.  i'm hoping we can make it out there on wednesday :)  what a dream you are, CA!

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Melissa Aja said...

Oh, man, I am so jealous! So happy for you that you're living in CA!