the summer so far, in numbers.

novels i have read:  6

times i have guilted my husband into buying me ice cream:  15
times i have guilted my dad into buying me ice cream:  1

number of house episodes watched:  4

number of twix bars eaten:  56,473

times i have touched the guitar:  3
times i have listened to john play guitar:  12

graduations i have attended:  1

weddings we have been to:  3

number of lonely, abandoned brown suits left by who knows who at our house:  1

number of campfires:  1

blue skies:  56

 number of bones episodes watched:  36

kiddies that i have taught swim lessons to:  20

redbox movies watched:  4

1 comment:

Patricia said...

sounds like a lovely fulfilled list and still more summer to come.