we are kinda obsessed with ice cream.

last night, we were completely boring.  in typical john and paige fashion, we ate dinner, listened to harry potter on tape, watched some psych, and went to get some ice cream.  these days, i am full-swing into summer-mode: doing nothing but teaching swim lessons, sitting by the pool, doing my mom's bidding {heh heh}, reading books, and watching countless episodes of bones....  and then john comes home, and we do all those things over again. isn't that great?  we also like to go on long walks through the neighborhood and sit on the top of wasatch blvd and watch the sunset.  

{side note:  i feel guilt that my summer is like this.  in this interim between may and august i feel very little stress. while john works all day in a stuffy accounting office i am at the pool reading a book.  see what i mean?  guilt!}

so, in typical john and paige fashion, i give you:  the nielson's obsession:

it's no wonder people say:  gain a spouse, gain some pounds too!


P! said...

Oh, good grief!! That looks fantastic- now you've got me craving some frozen deliciousness myself... oh boy... only three more hours until I get to head home. :p

sydney b. said...

haha i love this because not only do we visit that same nelsons about once a week. i am so playing summer while my husband works all day in an office. so great!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

yum! I am addicted to ice cream too. It's my favorite cheer me up treat. =)