some delectable things i wish to add to the brunt household:

thank you amazon, for taking up about three hours of my day today.  
i loved every second of it.  

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AmberLou said...

I LOVE everything on your list! I love cake decorating tools... I use mine mostly for decorating sugar cookies with hard frosting and it is SO much FUN! I LOVE Our Best Bites... my new favorite website to get meals for dinner (Have you tried the cowboy quesadillas? So yummy and So easy! I usually use canned everything in it.) I want that cookbook too! :) Yummy summer popsicles! :) My sister-in-law gave us a waffle makre like that one year for christmas and it is the only one I use since... I LOVE it and waffles are so yummy topped with bananas and buttermilk syrup! You are such a cutie Paige... I love your most recent post too.. how fun!