i dream of one day, being able to spend exorbitant amounts of money at costco.

we are back in the united states!  oh the beautiful land of the free and home of the brave!  a place where the policemen don't carry machine guns and women don't sit on a beach topless and think nothing of it!  a place where i can mostly understand everyone!  a place where the food is exactly what i am used to!  a place where family and friends abound!  oh, america, you are so beautiful.  

things that are slightly frustrating about mexico:

1}  the language barrier.  not anyone's fault.  but hard still, right:?

2}  the policemen carry m16s.  'nuf said.

3}  naked women on the beach.  [i think this one's a little self-explanatory.]

4}  the cheese.  most of the food was great.  awesome, even.  but the cheese?  weird.  

that said, we love mexico.  {please read: meh-HEE-co, it makes it so much better.} mexico was an absolute dream.  the beach, the sun, the palm trees, the icy drinks, the wildlife....  yes, we dearly love mexico.  but now that we are back, {and by back i mean at my parent's house in salt lake, because they give us free food} i am able to more fully appreciate the life we live here. which brings me to....

coscto!  i love costco.  because let's face it, costco has everything.  especially the things i have been craving as of late.  like falafels and hummus and chicken pot pie and steak and pizza and lots of other super delicious pre-packaged things.  honestly, i want to buy half of the store.  and that doesn't fly on the newlywed budget.  so i bought bagels and cereal, only.  but, i dream of one day, being able to spend exorbitant amounts of money at costco.  

and then owning my own churro machine.

happy thursday!


sydney b. said...

haha thats funny that you didn't like the cheese. i thought the cheese was amazing and spence and i were talking about how we could get some here! i guess we're crazy! so great!

Amber said...

I love Costco. Try their Chicken Salad Sonoma and you will die. It is amazing. Ps are you guys going to Tori's wedding at the end of the month?? I hope so!