shanghai, day #1.

we made it to shanghai!  after a 22 hour train ride on hard upright seats, we finally made it to shanghai.  and boy, i love it here.  this is such a neat city.  and the food we have had to far has been awesome.  last night we went to get fried dumplings and walk around nanjing street, which is the “times square” of shanghai. 

i was also really excited to find hey tang with boba there, and clean bathrooms with actual real toilet paper and hand soap!

then we went to see the bund.  i just can’t get over how amazing it was!  this city has such a neat skyline.  one of the buildings has a full side that is a television.  the entire side facing the lookout point is a tv. 

then we got fried noodles and steamed dumplings on the way home.  it was such a great night for how short of a time we have been in shanghai.  

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