shanghai, day #2.

today we took a trip to yuyuan gardens and they were so cool.  the buildings have traditional chinese pagoda roofs.  we also got xiaolongbao, “little dragon buns”, which we were told by some friends were the best in yuyuan.  they were right.  they were totally delicious.  we also got battered deep-fried crab, and john overheard someone say in chinese, “what? even foreigners are eating this?” and i still don’t really know what that means….

we also splurged on a dairy queen blizzard and two mango drinks while there.  and then hey tang later in the night.  i felt like such a fatty! 

plus we went to the shanghai technology museum, {but not the museum actually, but the underground market}.  it's actually called the "fake market" because it's full of copies.  we bought john a really nice "fake" watch....

and back to nanjing road at night, because we love it.

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