xi'an, day #2.

if you ever go to xi’an in your lifetime, bike the old city wall.  just pay the stupid entry fee, rent a tandem bicycle, and go.  you can thank me later.

if you need more convincing:

then get cheap, delicious lunch at a place that looks truly disgusting from the outside, but actually has great food.

after that, i would suggest as your tour guide, that you go to the wild goose pagoda.  enjoy laughing at the asians “ooooo”ing and “ahhhh”ing at the fountain, but then laugh at yourself too, because you are doing just the same. 

try to take about a million pictures that don’t work….

and then hope that your spouse reads chinese, and that he can get you successfully on a bus home.  {did i mention that my husband speaks chinese?  seriously, he is so great.  and freaking handsome to boot!}

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