we are back from china!

oh, the beautiful u.s.a.  such a wonderful place.  i find here that the bathrooms are so delightfully clean, and generously provide infinite amounts of toilet paper.  i find here, that people are kind and thoughtful and don't push you trying to get through doorways.  i find that hearing someone hawk a loogie near my feet is uncommon; smelling cigarette smoke is a rarity; seeing a kid take a dump on the street is an impossibility.  plus, we have so much stinking freedom in america, and i love it.

{us + the great wall, which was totally great}

while we loved our experience in china {which will never even measure up to how much i love love loved taiwan!} i am so grateful to be home.  seven weeks outside of the united states felt like a really really long time.  {i can't believe young 19 year-olds in our church go away for two years! freaking amazing}.  over the next few days {maybe weeks} i will attempt to post some of the 2,046 photos i took during our three weeks in china, and post some explanation of what we did.  so start at may 26th and look your way up through my posts over the next few weeks.  {if you are at all interested.  i really am using this as a journal so feel free to read/not read at your discretion!} 


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