i'm going to wax philosophical here for a second folks.

as hazel grows and develops, and as i have been working at a rehab facility, i have noticed a pattern. the development for babies and the elderly is the same, just reversed.  hazel learned to lift her head, then to grab things, then sit up, then crawl, then feed herself, then walk.  and soon, she will learn to talk and go potty and do all kinds of things for herself.  as she gains function, i notice my sweet elderly patients losing some- in almost the exact reverse order that she gains it.  it must be difficult to feel your abilities slowly slipping away. and each day i work, i feel for the few my patients that are in that stage of life.  it must be scary and frustrating at times.  it is my job to help them, and help hazel to smoothly transition from one functionality to the next, and it's a daunting task.  each day i am saying a silent prayer that i will do and say the right things.  at times, i fear i fall very short.  but i am appreciating the things i learn from each one of the people in work with.  i believe even more now in God's goodness and His plan for each of us.  He has provided a way for us to return to him.  not only that - but He has provided us with unlimited happiness, if we only follow His life example.  He has said, "i am the resurrection and the life.  he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live." {john 11:25}

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