i've been thinking a lot these last few days about the person i want to be this year.  and in five years.  right now is the time to start fresh, and i am feeling motivated to make a change.  the changes i want to make will have to come gradually, over diligent development of habits, but i think they are reasonable.  the key with resolutions is to keep it simple.

1)  i want to become more committed to my Heavenly Father.  that means reading the book of mormon and trying to be more like the Savior each day.  it means attending all of my church meetings, even if hazel isn't being the easiest church-goer.  it means being kind to others around me and magnifying my callings (including visiting teaching, which always ends up being the hardest for me each month.)  here's to a more faith-filled 2014.

2)  i want to spend more time with friends.  it just hit me that we will only be in provo for a little while longer, and we have so many great friends here that we want to maximize our time with.  i'm not generally a planner when it comes to hanging out with friends, but this year, i am going to be.

3)  this year, i want to read each day to hazel.  she has such a long attention span for her age and she will sit through three books at a time.  i want to take advantage of her eagerness to learn and explore the pages.

4)  flossing every day.  i was such a great flosser until i became pregnant with hazel, and then i thought i would throw up every time i brushed my teeth, so flossing was kind of out of the question.  i want to floss every day because not flossing every day is just gross, if you think about it.  i have a perfect record so far for 2014... ;)

5)  commit more time to practicing the piano.  recently, i watched this video.  and even though i don't have 1/100th of this boy's talent, i want to be able to share what little talent i have if i am ever called to.  i want to be ready if the call ever comes.  and if it doesn't, i will still be glad that i continued to maintain my skills.

6)  finally, i want to cook healthier meals and budget for them.  i am going to work on planning and preparing higher protein and veggie meals so that john and i can get on a healthier track.  we feel better when we are putting good things into our bodies, and there isn't a better time to start than now!

wishing you luck with all your personal resolutions and goals!

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