things hazel loves:

i've been doing these love life posts for awhile now.
and the other day i was thinking about all the things that hazel loves, and how i want to remember her quirky cuteness forever.  so, here is a list of things 11-month-old hazel loves.

holding/playing with/eating socks
unfolding the laundry right after i've folded it
pointing at clocks
eating avocados and asparagus
dancing to music {particularly her mozart cube}
pitching a fit when i stop her from wrecking something {like my mother in-law's alphabetized dvd collection}
scrunching up her nose and smiling at strangers
trying to stick her fingers in my mouth when nursing
reading books
diet coke {i am semi-responsible for this}
baby einstein
holding my phone
bedtime snuggling

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