the battle has begun.

this is the face of a baby/toddler that won't eat her food.
this little bug has been refusing table food lately.  it's been a battle of wits as she puts everything i give her in her mouth, and then promptly spits it out! even ice cream. you heard me. ice cream. she must suspect that i'm planning on weaning her in the next few months, and has retaliated in full-force. 

i guess i shouldn't be complaining, since she had always been an amazing nurser and i haven't had to worry about her getting the nutrition she needs.  i'm backing off for now, and hoping that she'll be ready to take it down a notch in a few weeks (the nursing, i mean, because i love it, but i don't want it to be forever ya know). we are raising a stubborn child, and sometimes i think it's very lucky for her that she's so cute. ;) 

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