a toddler lives here.

i love having a toddler.  i love finding little trinkets of hers (chapstick, q-tips, rocks, balls, etc.) stuffed in our shoes and stowed away in our kitchen drawers.  i love the way she holds her sippy cup upside down when she drinks from it, and the way she stands still in the middle of the room and watches baby einstein.  i love her random kisses and cuddles, her spontaneous and playful nature.  i love the way she has brought john and i closer together.  and every night while we check on her before we go to bed we inevitably whisper, "i can't believe we made that."

having a toddler is magical.  they are learning at unbelievable speeds.  i can tell hazel understands me these days (whether or not she obeys or even pays attention is another matter entirely....) and she is so so fun to play with.  she is strong-willed and independent, and i spend half the day trying to catch her attention.  but boy, do i love this stage.

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