this picture was taken about a week ago, when i didn't feel like cooking so we went to cubby's. and i was still asking john to take a picture of the back of my hair every day, just to make sure i didn't still hate it. hazel was so interested in the cubby's cow that she didn't notice the paper hat we put on her.  so of course i had to snap a few pictures.  i am excited for the things that are to come, but i'm trying to soak up every last second of our last month in provo, utah.

that said, i am pleased to announce that our little family will be moving to dallas next month, and we are so very excited!  i loved exploring a new city last summer, and we will have at least a whole year in dallas to explore.  john went to high school in dallas, so, in a way, it's kind of like going back home for him.  it will be a fun new experience and i cannot wait.

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