life lately!

what a whirlwind few weeks it has been since we moved out here.  between unpacking, exploring our new surroundings, taking care of two littles, and cooking and cleaning and all that other fun stuff - i feel like i've hardly had two moments to sit down at my computer!  but, here i am, and here's a glorified pic dump of things we've been up to lately:
1. communal sunday afternoon nap in our blow-up bed our first sunday in nj
2. adding some color to our front porch
3.  cora, showing off her double chin
4.  on a sunday evening walk with our harman cousins!  they are the best!
5.  cora kicks wildly during her entire bath these days.  so fun!
6.  riding on the staten island ferry

1.  i love it when i can snuggle cora down for an early morning nap/snuggle
2.  trying out a new park.  it had dinosaur stuff!
3.  eating at the river grille.
4.  swaddling this little love.
5&6.  our family on a kite expedition wherein we mostly just ran around for an hour trying to get the kite off the ground, instead of actually flying it.

hurray!  tomorrow is friday!

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