we are alive and in new jersey!

we have had a serious whirlwind of a week!  in the last 9ish days we have driven to new jersey, gotten all of our stuff moved in and about 80% of it unpacked, gone into the city once, gone to turtle back zoo, plus lived with only one car until our second one got here... we've been so busy i feel like i've been going nonstop!  it is super exciting to move to a new place, and also stressful and i'm just trying to take the organizing/cleaning/cooking slowly and giving myself a break if i don't get completely unpacked within 1 week.  i'm sure we'll get there some day....

anyways, we made a little video of our road trip to new jersery!  it isn't anything too special or exciting, but i'm sure i will watch it in the coming years and think back fondly on how fun our girls were at this age!  enjoy!

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