some things about new jersey:

the roads are extremely windy and confusing
you can't tell where anything is or where you are headed because there are too many trees
there is little to no mexican food, and what mexican food there is, is pitiful 
you cannot pump gas yourself- it's illegal. when you pull up to the gas station someone walks out to pump gas for you
the grocery stores are tiny with low ceilings(all you've been to have high ceilings- think about it.) and minimal stock
there is literally an italian place and a deli on every corner- and it's delicious!
people drive super aggressively, and honk lots!
there are road signs saying things like, "opposite traffic has extended green light" because people are so gas-happy here that they'll run the red light when they see cars moving
there are no convenience stores(where am i supposed to get my diet coke?!)
the towns are small and close together
people are rough and tumble, but usually pretty nice once you get to know them

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Deanna McQuade said...

This post cracked me up! All true minus the convenience stores...maybe your town is just weird haha