a day in brooklyn: john's cousins come to town

if there's one thing that makes up for the inconvenience of living in new jersey, it's that people come visiting.  (well, visiting nyc anyway ;)  we were lucky enough to see one of john's cousins visiting from verrry far away (whom i had never met...) and another cousin from san fran and his two babies (whom i had also never met!) and also eat pizza at julianna's.  

hazel was sleeping in the stroller (of course) while all these pictures were taken so she isn't in any of them.  sorry, hazel!  we still love you.
cora pulls on my hair constantly these days.  to cut, or not to cut? that is the question.
two beauties in one photo: cora, and the brooklyn bridge.

the day would have been pretty much perfect if it wasn't for that mean guy at the toll-booth who not only yelled at us for accidentally going through the cash lane (because apparently there's no carpool option for "MTA" {which we didn't even know was different from transit authority}?), but proceeded to charge us a whopping $16 bucks to get out of the city.  people get so jaded and rude here, especially in public service jobs!  i mean seriously sir, if you hate people so much, go find a different profession.

it's okay i'm still happy.  because john bought me some lizzmonade!

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