down the shore again.

there is something so magical about being on the beach.  the sand in your feet, the sun on your face, the cool breeze blowing in your hair... it's breathtaking.  we decided to make the drive on saturday and i'm so glad we did!  we drove in the foggy morning and stopped at meemaws for the crazy monkey french toast: banana bread french toast with maple syrup, bananas, chocolate chips, cookie butter, vanilla marscapone, and powdered sugar:

then we headed to the shore to dip our toes in the {still warm!} water and play in the sand.

we played in the sand, watched little sand crabs, swam in the water, collected sea shells, and the girls even got a nap underneath the umbrella.
i set cora in the sand and she straight away took two fist-fulls and shoved them into her mouth.  

after the beach, we went to hoffmans and got ice cream.  they have a cookie monster flavor that is everything i've ever wanted in life.  it's vanilla {colored blue} with cookie dough and oreo pieces.  aka pure heaven.

i will think back on the perfect day so fondly.  love my family so much.

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