wishing:  my baby didn't have to go through teething.
drinking:  diet coke all. day. long.
making:  a big girl bed frame for my hazelnut.
looking:  for fabric to make halloween costumes.
reading:  the screwtape letters.
wanting:  a vintage peacoat.
playing:  with my girls every chance i get.
waiting:  for the weather to cool off just a little bit more.
listening: to this american life on npr.
hoping:  that i am the kind of wife and mother that heavenly father wants me to be.
following:  the republican race.
wondering:  when i'll learn to be more patient.
needing:  phone chats with friends and family.

praying:  for loved ones who desperately need help and comfort.
smelling:  freshly baked glenna buns.

loving: sitting outside with my girls.
noticing:  john's selfless actions and endless patience.
wearing:  my skinny jeans once again.  {thank you, breastfeeding.}
thinking: it's about time for some hot chocolate.

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