spiders and pool faceplants

all of us felt pretty beat-up after this week, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  we bought parts and john built a computer with my dad's help (insert applause emoji here), and then we bought a desk off craigslist the next day.  and since we had family coming into town this weekend, (and i can't live more than a few days in a mess), the pressure was on to get the desk painted and computer set up on top of it so that we could start using our kitchen table again.  

so i painted for three days straight. i painted, and then i went from feeding/clothing/changing/napping the girls right back to painting.  hazel face-planted on the pool deck, cora was teething (i think?  you really can never tell until a tooth cuts...), i burned my arm, cut one finger with scissors, and smashed another finger in the door, and we were all generally feeling a little beat-up around here.

to top it off, all the little house spiders in new jersey have decided to take up residence in our household.  as soon as a vacuum one up, the next day another one has taken its place.  it's really quite disturbing and they are making john and i turn on each other ;) i killed six in our house yesterday... but don't tell any of our guests that.  

now {finally} people are starting to recover over here from a very weird week for us.  we made it to the park today with cousin claire, and there's a chocolate pie and fresh whipped cream in my fridge  right now so, not a bad week, all things considered.

blue eyes... don't ever go away.

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