recent brunt happenings. {and why i have been m.i.a. as of late!}

school has been kicking my butt these past two weeks.  i have had ups and downs like you wouldn't believe!  one day i love nursing, the next i hate it and am ready to quit.  {dramatic, yes?}
lately, my saving graces:
1.  john's patience, love, support, and comfort.
2.  staying over at my parents house on saturday and sunday to be with our {neff} family.
3.  seeing my sister eden rock the stage in annie jr.
4.  dinner with the {brunt} family, and seeing erin and aaron for the first time in months.

5.  cuddling next to john with a cup of ice cream and an episode of psych.

6.  the cool air after a rainstorm.
hope you had a lovely weekend!


Oishee said...

You have been busy! So you're studying to become a nurse? That's so cool! :D

Andie and Jacob Miller said...

You can totally do it! And who knows, maybe you will be working in Labor and Delivery when I have my baby in March! Wouldn't that be awesome?