things that are making me smile as of late:

1.  trying my first j-dawg.
2.  curling up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate.
3.  splashing in puddles with my rocketdog boots on.
4.  happening upon baby pictures of that husband of mine.  {i can't wait to have a mini john of my own....}
5.  taking looooong naps in the afternoon.
6.  giving and getting notes.
7.  refusing to be productive on a saturday for once.
8.  half-baked ben and jerry's ice cream.
9.  coming up with halloween costumes.
10.  diet a&w.  


Madison Michele said...

that sounds like a perfect list :)

Anna Peterson said...

Those are happy things :) You two are just adorable. You know that? xoxo